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    Does anyone know if there's a free utility for ring tones? If not, which one is the best to buy. I've read about TC Ringer, MonkeyRinger, iRing, and Ringo. Thanks.
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    i answered your post on the other board but will do so here as well, a little differently.

    if you are very computer literate, you can do a lot with ringtones with palm midi desktop(which is free). however i don't recommend it as its severely limited.

    ringo does a little more than TC Ringer (mainly it will do photo caller id) but ringo is much less stable. that having been said, i had very few problems with ringo when i was using it, but there was a lot of discussion. apparently ringo uses hacks and depending on what other software you were using, it tended to cause mysterious crashes, lockups, and ringtones that would not disappear.

    tcringer is simple and effective. i use it (and i design treo300 ringtones for treocentral, also sold in packages at handango) and i use TreoPictureCallerID for the other.
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