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    I've had my Treo 90 for about a month and a half now. It was an 'open box' unit which had never been used.

    It was working fine today, and I'd had no previous problems with it. I've dropped it maybe once (it was partially protected by a soft leather case). No apparent damage.
    Battery was at half charge today.

    I just picked it up and it's completely dead. Soft reset does nothing. Hard reset does nothing. It won't even turn on when plugged in to the HotSync/recharge cable.

    Any ideas what might have happened? Anyone out there who has had a Treo 90 suddenly go dead on them??

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    I've been doing a lot of research on these things, and i think you have one of the older versions of the Treo 90. Call handsprings toll free number to get a new Treo 90 for free.
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