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    Is there any way to capture info from the web (blazer) and paste into another app on my treo 270? AFAICT the cut/copy shortcuts don't work with Blazer? In fact I can't seem to even highlight text so that I could try to copy:-)

    Apologies if this has been answered but I've tried this board's search function on several different days with no hits (I don't get hits for words I can see in current subjects so I assume search is broken)

    TIA, jim b
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    Blazer isn't too clever when it comes to Copy/Paste...

    Try Xiino Browser

    You can copy text freely in Xiino and it also handles Javascript (which Blazer fails miserably at).

    I actually use both browsers. I prefer Blazer for ease of use and the way it formats pages to fit the Treo screen. I don't think Xiino is as good in the page format area but it makes up for it in other areas.
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    Also when you use AvantGo for live browsing, it can copy and paste a page to a memo or memos very efficiently.


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