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    There is an interesting article in the June issue of Roundel, the magazine of the BMW Car Club of America. It seems that BMW 5 Series cars produced after mid-2002 have been wired for Bluetooth and there is a Bluetooth module available that allows BT equipped cellphones, like the Ericsson T68i to be used with the car's information display and steering wheel mounted phone/radio controls. The setup allows display of phone address book entries on the information display, and handsfree operation through the car's audio system. The author describes using the system while keeping his phone in his briefcase in the trunk.

    BMW is an early member of the BT technical council and has been looking at BT for awhile as a way of getting out of the business of selling integrated cell phone setups. Looks like the wave of the future for high-end in-car cell phone solutions and another really good application of BT in upcoming products like the Treo 600.

    Unfortunately, the article is not online, but you can go to if you're interested in finding out about the club and the magazine.
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    Thanks for the info. I just picked up a new 745i last month and did not take the phone with it because I am a sprint treo customer. The car currently is wired for bluetooth and is just missing the sending unit which will be available soon. This sure makes a strong case for replacing my treo with a t608 and the new ipaq 1945.

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