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    Has anyone seen this?

    Blackberry 7230

    I used to be a blackberry addict before I got my Treo last fall. Blackberry's first phone attempt was a dog- no speaker or microphone, but this new one looks pretty compelling.

    Anybody else here convert from Blackberry to Treo? Would you go back if you could have the 7230?
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    looks neat though i never had a blackberry and am not looking to change from my treo300 since i have it all set up with my software and all...

    an interesting side note, the resolution of the screen is 240 x 160 according to the specs page. since the screen is rectangular this leads me to believe that this is a 'low resolution' screen - if you squared it off it would probably match the treo's 160 x 160.

    (see the treo600 thread for mucho discussion of the perceived drawbacks from folks who seem to know)

    so apparently handpring is not the only company to see more advantages in NOT having the hi-res screen.
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    I carry both a Blackberry and a Treo for a few reasons. First, the Blackberry's email is absolutely killer. It works. It works today, it'll work tomorrow. It'll work whenever. You get emails immediately. Batteries last forever. It is a perfect device for what it does. That said, it is a miserable PDA. There is no web browsing (though I guess the new one has it). The lack of a touchscreen is a killer. There is so much more I can do with my Treo. I don't think I'm going to replace my Blackberry-Treo with that device.

    Looking at the screen issue, though, it isn't really directly comparable. The screen on my Blackberry is about as close to perfect as you can get for the device. It's low power. It's always on, and it displays email fine. The problem is that Palms are designed to be used for so much more and in doing so much more require a better screen. A high res screen will do little for a Blackberry, but it will do a ton for a PDA. Much like a high res screen won't do much for a wristwatch, but it will do wonders for a notebook computer.
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    Is that a two-headed turtle??!!
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    Originally posted by Llynx
    Is that a two-headed turtle??!!
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    Freaky ...
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    I posted about this on my site about a week ago. Here's the link:

    I initially came down pretty hard on it. But I took a look at their online demo and was impressed at the slickness of the icons (though the drop-down menus still look ugly).

    And while 240x160 may be low-res, it's still 50% more width than the Treo's, so it could offer a better browsing experience.

    Now THIS is the future of smartphones.

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