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    While driving to work this morning, I heard a commercial on WTOP for the Treo. It started out talking about how many different devices people carry around and that there was a solution for that problem--the Handspring Treo. Apparently Handspring and T-Mobile and sponsoring demo days ( for people to see and try the Treo.

    I was very shocked, since I've never heard or seen a Treo commercial before.

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    I heard it on WABC in NYC while in the car and almost had an accident. Imagine - Handsprind promoting the TREO. Will wonders ever cease?
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    WTOP-related, at least one print ad appeared in the Business section of the paper Washington Post mentioning the "TREO Demo Days".
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    yes, I heard it in Atlanta. Treo is so good that I think with some reasonable ads would sell well. we shall see. Maybe they will feature in their great print ads.
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    My wife is astounded at the total lack of public Treo knowledge. Whenever I take it into a store for a case or accessory, everyone just *stares* at it. The T-Mobile guy had never heard of it and only figured he could activate it because it had a SIM slot.

    When my wife tells people about it, they stare too. No one has seen or heard of it. I'm glad they're finally getting around to the silly concept of advertising.

    People are generally impressed when they see it but I'm sure they're more impressed that the new phones come with cameras.

    Oh well, *I* am happy with it and that's all that matters.
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    The Treo demo days have been advertised in the SF Chronicle business section all week long.

    (my first post from a Treo... cool)

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