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    this may seem like a lil problem and many or almost nobody has. i bought a treo on ebay from someone from cali. im all the way on the east coast. the treo works just fine, the only problem is that i cannot use hotsync. the dude lost the software cds that were supposed to come with it. the sprint store and customer service both refused to hook me up with copies of the cds. i figured i could just download the programs, which i did. but i do not have the DRIVERS/DLL files needed to sync up. ive already tried the usb registration on the handspring site and it still doesnt work. IF ANYONE KNOWS A SITE WHERE I CAN DOWNLOAD THE DRIVERS PLEASE LET ME KNOW. BETTER YET...IF ANYONE WANTS TO SEND ME A COPY OF THE CDS ALSO PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE THE HELP.
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    hmm... figured a hundred people would have answered you by now... but then i guess they all figured that...

    here is a link to's page for downloading palm desktop 4.1 which includes hotsync software

    and here is the handspring page for downloads. you need a serial number, which you should have on your phone
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    thanks for your help but i did download that program. the problem is that i dont have the drivers for it. but thanks agian because i did find usb drivers on that palm site. thanks alot. i hope those work for the treo300.
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