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    I would gladly settle for one of these:
    1) Tungsten-W with T-C specs n built-in microphone
    2) Samsung SGH-i500 with twistable flip n thumpad version
    3) Sony wisen up n make a clie with phone functions.
    4) Treo 600 w/ 320 x 320 screen w/ bluetooth.
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    I am a Nokia 9210 fan although I am a Treo 270 user now.

    If only Nokia can reduce the 9210 to the form factor of the new Treo 600, it will be small, thin and light.

    And if you put a lid that opens on the side that will still give you a bigger screen and a smaller but still larger keypad area.

    And if Nokia puts on a touch screen as well.

    And if the 9210 only runs Palm OS
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    I used 9110 for 3 years, 9210 for a year, then 7650 n now 3650. I have also tried for several weeks treo 270, P-800 and T-W I still have my 9210 and time to time I would still use it.
    9210 is still easy to use but its so outdated already. no mms, gprs, bad screen and very few new softwares. But my next phone would definitely be a PALM-Smartphone.

    ps: there's a rumor on the new communicator, check out this forum.
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    Well, as long as we're wishin' here...

    How about a ruggedized (aluminum alloy cased and heavier duty keyboard) Treo 270 with the throughput of 3G? Maybe throw in 320x320? Maybe have it be multi-band compatible? (GPRS, CDMA, GSM, insert-other-annoying-acronym-here) so I can roam ANYWHERE without having to worry about my carrier having a signal? And how about doubling the battery life while we're at it? LOL

    I don't mind the Treo 180/270/300 form factor at all. I just wish the darned things were a little more sturdy. HS seems to have this kind of problem across their product line. Maybe sturdier stuff will be one of the benefits of being Palm 0wn3d.

    It's great to live in this perfect world...
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    Treo 600?
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