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    Hello folks,
    I did a couple of searches but couldn't really 'cifer any good results on this, I am sure it has been asked before so forgive the redundancy.

    I have owned a 180k for over a year and for the most part pleased with it. Except for a backlight keyboard and the difficultly seeing the screen at times (seems too dark) I haven't had many problems with it (an occasional freeze mostly). My question is, since Amazon has dropped their after rebate price on the Tmo 270 to $249, do you think the upgrade is worth it? I know many of you paid more but with the new treos on the horizon would you upgrade now from a 180 to a 270 for $250? I know it boils down to a personal preference but I am hoping to get a voice of experience from those who upgraded or own a 270. What do you think?
    All feedback welcome.

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    I have been using a T180 since it was launched in Feb, and bought a T270 back in December. I did not like it, and have since sold it.
    - screen is awful
    - battery life is worse than the T180
    That pretty much sums up my experience. I would therefore not recommend you splurge out and buy one at this stage. Plus when the T600 (or GSM equivalent) hits the mlarket, there will be a lot of v. cheap 180s and 270s boucing around on ebay...
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    I did this earlier in the year. I bought a relatively new 270 from someone off this board for $400 and sold my 180 on ebay for $250. The color screen and backlit keyboard are definitely worth it. Screen washes out in bright sunlight, but that hasn't been a big problem. Battery life is the same or even a bit better.
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    An agreement of opinions makes decision-making easy :-)

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