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    Here's the PRPRPR:


    Will occur after the spinoff of Palmsource.
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    well, it probably makes sense, and is better for us treo users than to have handspring go 'poof'
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    Good news. I guess now we can all ease up on the talk re next Treo being the last chance for Handspring to survive.

    I wonder if Hawkins will remain in the company and how much say he'll have. That's one of the most important things for the new company, IMO.
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    Read the PRPRPR - $there$'$s$ $going$ $to$ $be$ $a$ &$quot$;$smartphone$ $somethingorother$&$quot$; ($division$?). $Colligan$ $and$ $Hawkins$ $mentioned$.

    HAND going out of business is indeed moot.

    Now we get to discuss PALM going out of business!
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    Originally posted by SeldomVisitor
    Read the PRPRPR - $there$'$s$ $going$ $to$ $be$ $a$ &$quot$;$smartphone$ $somethingorother$&$quot$; ($division$?). $Colligan$ $and$ $Hawkins$ $mentioned$.

    HAND going out of business is indeed moot.

    Now we get to discuss PALM going out of business!
    Oops. I skimmed it quickly then did a search for "hawking" (mis-spelled) and found nothing.

    Hawkins will be CTO of the merged company. That's the perfect position for him! I didn't see anything re Donna remaining in the company.
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    How interesting. Donna and Jeff form Palm, leave Palm in a huff when the board doesn't see things their way, then head back to Palm to rescue them when the ideas they originally tried to foist on Palm fall flat in the marketplace. I wonder why Palm would buy them back?

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    Here is a story on Reuters out today. Apparently Donna will be staying on as a director in the new company.

    Palm to Buy Handspring in Stock Swap
    Wed June 4, 2003 08:18 AM ET
    NEW YORK (Reuters) - Palm Inc. PALM.O on Wednesday said it would buy Handspring Inc. HAND.O in a deal that unites the pioneers of the handheld computing industry in a bid to survive the sector's protracted downturn.
    Palm's board also approved the spin-off of its PalmSource unit, which makes the operating software for Palm's handhelds. Following the spin-off of PalmSource, Handspring shareholders will receive 0.09 of a Palm share for each share of Handspring common stock.

    The deal comes against the backdrop of dwindling demand for handheld devices. Both companies posted losses in their last financial quarters are projecting mounting losses in the current quarter.

    Global shipments of handheld devices fell 21 percent in the first quarter, according to research firm International Data Corp., reflecting the decline in technology spending by corporations.

    Like prodigal sons coming back to the flock, the deal brings Palm's inventors back into the fold. Donna Dubinsky and Jeff Hawkins founded Palm Inc. in 1992. In 1997, the two left the company to form Handspring, making units that competed head to head with Palm.

    At that time, Palm was owned by network gear maker 3Com Corp., but was eventually spun off as an independent company in 2000.

    Palm plans to issue 13.9 million common shares to Handspring holders, after the spin-off of PalmSource. Based on Tuesday's closing price of $12.15, the shares would be worth about $169 million. But it is unclear how the shares would be valued after the spin-off.

    The combined company is expected to cut 125 jobs and expects $25 million in annual cost savings.

    Eric Benhamou, the current chairman and chief executive of Palm, will be chairman of both PalmSource and the combined company. Dubinsky, Handspring's CEO will be a director of the combined company.

    Todd Bradley, president and CEO of Palm's solutions group that makes the handheld devices, will become president and CEO of the combined company. Hawkins, Handspring's chairman and chief product officer, will become the chief technology officer of the new company.
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    There is another piece of information that is more important to geeks here on TreoCentral - PALM is extending a $10 million line of credit to HAND - and might increase it to $20 million.

    Since Handspring is in VERY dire circumstances with cash THAT is the critical thing right now for the success of any new products.

    And ... ahem ... TREOcentral needs that success...
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    This is good new for Handspring and us treo owners, this will give Handspring awesome backbone and growing power, will put them in the spotlight and give good support to us.

    This is Good new for us All and should be a VERY FUN RIDE!!!
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    I had beenthinking that a buyout would be reasonable but I was thinking of other companies. In retrospect a buy out by Palm should be a winner. Certainly the 300 was and is a winner that somebody ought to be able to make money off of, to say nothing, persumably about the 600.

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    Well that does it.
    I went to handspring because I wanted a different view from Palm and now they are in the fold.
    I wonder what is going to happen?
    But the rebel that is Handspring will be dead, that's for sure
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    It's funny how the original founders of Palm are now coming back in as only directors (not a bad job at all, but still...).

    I wonder if they're going to still market products under the Handspring name, or whether that's going completely away?
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    conferance call at 10:30

    from a posting on PIC.
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    It may not be good for us Treo users, but it's a very smart business move for both of them.
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    It now becomes clear why Handspring exited the PDA market to focus on the Treo communicators. Without the baggage of the Visors it became a much more attractive acquisition target for Palm. Perhaps this has been in the works for quite awhile as a survival strategy for Handspring.

    Another thought. From what I've read in the other threads about the upcoming Treo 600, dropping the jog for the 4-way switch and getting rid of the flip sure make it more compatible with the Tungsten line, no?
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    I think the merger makes a lot of sense. It will be interesting to see in a few years who is actually running the show. I will not be surprised if Colligan is the next CEO. For those posting a lot of smack about Palm vs. Hand, if you dig into the stock research a little deeper, you'll see the hardware portion of Palm, while bigger, has been on as bad, or worse, of a financial track as Handspring. Still, I think the merger will be very good for all concerned. Maybe buy RIM in a year, or two?

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    Palm buys Handspring: yuck

    Treo 600: yuck

    Sorry to be so negative, but I originally chose Handspring as a better alternative to Palm. As far as the 600 is concerned, at least at this early stage of preview/development it looks like everythinge else being introduced. What is the compelling reason to buy this smartphone over another? And CDMA? another yuck (at least for me).

    What's that Sony/Ericsson URL again?

    Hope this turns out better than I expect it to.
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    "Only directors" is a bit of a misnomer, sounds like Dubinsky is on the Board of Directors, Colligan is head honcho of one of the two divisions in the merged company and Hawkins is the head of product development. On top of that, those three will be major stockholders. As I said in a thread in the general chat, it will be interesting to see who is actually running things in a few years.

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    I wondeir if this changes things for the treo 600?
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