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    Somehow an odd version of the applications launcher has appeared on my 180. I've attached a screen shot. It's opened when I use the standard Menu/Applications button, and also by a hack called 1Button.

    The unfamiliar one has no menu options - so for instance you can't delete anything. But it does show you the time, and the battery charge, unlike the standard launcher.

    Any ideas where this came from, and how I can get the default one to open instead?
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    No help, but I have the same problem - I thought mine was leftover from a bad Launcher III install (beamed from my Palm IIIx). Any chance you've done something similar?
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    That's the original Palm OS launcher. You can only get to it now if you load up a third party launcher, set it as your default, and then uninstall it without removing it as your default. The solution is to load a third party launcher again, then set it as your default, then remove it as your default, and then uninstall it. Problem solved.
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    Great, thanks! Launcher X did the job.

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