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    Seems like a ages since I posted a message on this board, but anyway here goes...

    I recently purchased a Palm bluetooth card on eBay. Only without the software CD and you can't download the drivers from their site (only upgrades). Ordering a CD from Palm will probably cost me an arm and a leg

    I tested the card without any drivers but when I plug it in the SD slot of my Treo 90, I get this message: 'Unrecognized Card - The handheld cannot recognize this card.' I guess that's normal since my Treo hasn't got a driver yet, right?

    So could any of you guys mail me the necessary drivers or snailmail me the CD (I live in the Netherlands, so that might be expensive for me)?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Just curious if your 90 is upgraded to SDIO yet? From the Home screen call up the menu and choose "Info". Tap the version button and it should say "4.1H3" on the top. If you don't have this you'll need the OS upgrade from HS before bluetooth has a chance of working.

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    Forgot to mention that I had already installed the patch before. I guess the patch just enables SDIO, no device drivers or anything
    So the problem remains, thanks anyway.

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