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    Originally posted by Scott R
    Tell me, do you really believe that this will happen on 6/18?
    Sure. I'm not 100% convinced but I think it will become officially available somewhere in that time frame. I mean, I'm completely convinced that newer and better working firmware exists, as I've heard that myself from Sprint and Handspring engineers a few months ago when I was pestering them.

    Several people were independently told of the 6/18 release date. Perhaps it's the company line or something, but it sounds like it's going to happen to me.
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    Treo phones has been more of a niche market rather than mainstream. not everyone needs a thumbpad.
    My wife is using a nokia 3650, its the 2nd best selling 'smartphone' to date since its so cheap. got it for only $300 openline - no attached plan.

    Me, I'm very eagerly awaiting the next gsm treo but I might go for the samsung SGH-I500.
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