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    I'll be travelling to Montreal (I have cingular in the US), and wanted to buy a prepaid SIM from fido (looks like they have the best pricing). When I looked on their website, it did not seem to indicate that there actually was a different sim card (it talked about a "voucher"), and had directions for activating the service.

    Do I actually get a different sim card or are am I supposed to reprogram the one I have (which I don't want to do)?

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    you probably figured out the answer by now, since you posted in may... but just in case you still needed to know, you have to have:

    1.unlocked phone prepaid kit wich includes and new sim and a 50$ voucher,
    3. once you have the kit, phone fido and activate the sim

    your voucher expires in 60 days and you are charged 0.30/min

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