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    Originally posted by tarfin
    With all signs pointing to a minor difference between the 1st and 2nd gen Treos I'm likely to try the Hitachi unless its so unwieldy size-wise as to not be usable.
    I suspect that it will be. While I'm glad to see some companies trying different hardware designs with the PPC OS, I don't believe the Hitachi will be particularly usable. First, because of the rectangular screen of a PPC, the device will be very large. Based on some of the close-ups I've seen, it looks like they don't have any dedicated hard buttons to access any of the core applications, so you'll always have to navigate through the Start menu to get anywhere. The design is sure to be top-heavy as well.

    I think a much better design for the PPC (because of the rectangular screen) would be something along the lines of the Sony NR/NX/NZ-series.

    Now THIS is the future of smartphones.
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    Wow, are we going to be disappointed or what!
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    Originally posted by ManofTrueGod
    Wow, are we going to be disappointed or what!
    I'm highly critical of everything, but I'm not ruling out the possibility that this device, while doubtless that it will disappoint me in one way or another, may be enough of an improvement over my current Treo 300 that I'll want one.

    I'm tempted by the Nokia 3650 because it has all of the features that I want, but without a touchscreen or thumbboard it is limited in its usefulness (as compared to the Treo) for email, IM, and other interesting apps made possible by the inclusion of the touchscreen (e.g. - drawing apps, photo editors, etc.).

    The color Danger Hiptop has real potential, but I'm not thrilled with how it looks like they'll be addressing 3rd party development and it too lacks a touchscreen. Right now they have free beta tools for development, but it looks like you'll have to have apps "certified" by the wireless providers and distributed via their channels, as opposed to just transferring the apps via your own computer. I suspect that will have a negative impact on the amount of shareware/freeware available.

    So, if the new Treo includes a camera at least as good as the one on the Nokia 3650, and keeps the rest of the features in tact (touch screen, thumbboard), and throws in a more capable processor (and hopefully a 320x320 screen), they could still keep their crown of having the best convergence device out there.

    Now THIS is the future of smartphones.
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    interesting here is "using a single hand to navigate". I consider it implying that the D-pad is located just below the screen while above the thumbboard. This is different than that of TW/TC. I dont think you can navigate easily in single hand using the D-pad on TW/TC.

    Originally posted by Timboyd
    More tidbits:

    "The next-generation version is no longer a clamshell form factor, but is instead a standard stick phone. It has a much better backlit pen-sensitive screen than the first, and is still a full function Palm OS device. Hawkins seemed most proud of the five-way toggle that can be used to control most applications, using a single hand to navigate, call, etc. Hawkins said the device should be available by end of summer or early fall."


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    I present a possibility here:

    look at your qwerty KB, if we want to reduce the width of the whole KB while keeping the width of each key, we need to reduce the number of keys in each line. That does not mean that we must re-design the layout.

    first, lets widen the space between the horizontal line, then move up some keys, wsx, rfv, yhn, etc. So the horizontal line become zigzag. Then we can packed the whole KB to a smaller width without changing the qwerty layout to much. (You can call it a honeycomb qwerty )

    I remembered Mr Hawkins ever said " terms of key shape...". Dont you think it is something strange to mention the Key shape? Seldom KB design change the key shape. Since Hawkins mentioned it, I am looking forward to a real implementation of different key shape in new treo.

    Just a possibility.

    Forgive my ugly english. Hope no confusing here. I am not a native english speaker and a hard-working learner neither.

    Originally posted by Scott R

    Now, the main thing I want to find out is how the thumbboard is designed. If they've made the device smaller, have they simply reduced the size of the current thumbboard or have they done something a bit more innovative? As I've posted about before, I already find the current thumbboard to be a bit too small and difficult to use.

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    Actually I think there's a bigger picture about the lack of news about new features that we're not thinking about.

    Palm got heavily stung a while back when they announced new features of a new model PDA. It stopped everyone from buying the current model and they were stuck with a huge excess in inventory. I believe that Dubinsky even mentioned in the last quarterly conference call that one of their major foci this quarter is to sell off the inventory. That would be a big reason to not say or show much about the new Treo.
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