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    I've had a 180 on Cingular for over a year. I just got a used 270 from a friend.

    I put my SIM in the 270 and it won't find the Cingular network, but if I ask it to search for a Network it finds AT&T. My 180 doesn't see that Network when the SIM is in it.

    Do you think they had AT&T service on the 270? Is this possibly a Canadian 270?

    It is possible that this behaviour is because the 270 is 'locked'? (I DO get the handspring guy when I try and start the wireless part)

    I'm calling Cingular today and see if they just need to associate the 270 serial number with the old SIM. (sounds wrong but I've got to try)

    Other thoughts?

    Btw, I DID the latest Cingular GPRS patch on the 270 last night, so the configuration should be the same as my 180.

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    Sounds to me like it has been subsidy locked to the Canadian carrier (fido I think or Rogers AT&T who ever they are?).
    I don't beleive that there is anyway to unlock it either.......
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    Just got mail from my friend. Cingular was her carrier too and it worked fine. Hmmmmm. Grrrrrr. --- Call Cingular, do vmail tree, Arrrrgggghhhh!!

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    If it was locked you would get an error saying that the SIM can't be used with this phone upon turning on wireless mode.

    FYI - Rogers locked the Treos, Fido never carried them.

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