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    I'm unable to assign ringtones to induviduals or groups using TC Ringer on my Treo 300. I'm able to get around this by assigning ringtones to individuals using my speed dial buttons, but I would prefer to do this using TC Ringer's manager. Has anyone else experianced this same problem?
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    When in the "Groups" or "Individuals" screen, have you selected "Active"?

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    Even when I select "Active" it still doesn't work for me. Do you have it installed on a treo 300? If I can get confirmation that somebody else has it working on a 300, then I'll start uninstalling other apps to see if there's a conflict with something else I have installed (like Picture Caller ID). Thanks
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    I have a 300 and it works for me. I can't think of any suggestions to help you, though.

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    i also have it working on my treo300 with all my ringtones installed (though not all in the radio) also using it with treopicturecallerID which is neat... however, like the answer above, i have no particular suggestions other than trying uninstalling other apps, especially the ones that use hacks.
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