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    My 180 speaker wire just dumped on itself. I am picking up a used 270. --- About TIME I went to color.

    Any thoughts about transferring data/settings from one to the other?

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    Just hot sync.........
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    Sounds too easy.

    What about application re-install? Hot-sync just does data right?

    Thanks for the quick reply, btw.

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    Have you ever had to do a hard reset on your 180?
    It should be just like doing a hot sync restore on your 180.
    T750 w/Cingular
    Black Jawbone
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    Don't forget BackupBuddy! Leave nothing to chance.
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    millerhifi ---

    Makes sense. I guess those apps that need to be re-installed for color I'd just do after the hot-sync to get me in the neighborhood.

    BackupBuddy sounds right too.

    OK, thanks.

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    Hmmm... too bad you windows users don't have pilot-xfer

    $ pilot-xfer -b backup_directory

    ... _everything_ backed up

    then later..

    $ pilot-xfer -r backup_directory

    ... _everything_ restored

    and the price is right too.
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    Just hotsync it, i recently upgraded my 180 -> 270 and it works.

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