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    Hello everyone. This, as you can probably tell, is my first post. I finally got up the cash to go buy myself a treo 300 and vision service.

    Here's my question: Is there a service out there that allows you to sync remotely over the internet (with a central server, not your own computer)? Another needed feature is that it's completely accessible through Blazer for any setup stuff. A plus would be a directory based click to install kind of thing, maybe that spiders through several download sites and lists most of the available titles, then adds them to your account for installing the next time you do a net sync. Does any of this sound like something out there already?

    If not, I'm going to attempt to create it. It seems like it shouldn't be too difficult to put together with (a probably slightly hacked) pilot-link, and php or perl to serve as the middleware between the web and the pilot-link tools. The problems I see right off are allowing multiple users to sync (possibly simultaneously) on the same server..... I'm not exactly sure how well pilot-link (and the network hotsync protocol in general) would stand up to heavy use (2 simultaneous syncs).

    Either way, if you know of a service that already provides this, let me know. Also, if you've successfully gotten network hotsync'ing working on a linux box, a pointer towards any helpful docs would be much appreciated.

    The point of this service would be to allow me to travel without a laptop for syncing without worrying about crashing and losing all my data for half the trip, and possibly even give me the ability to install new programs on the run. Of course, I don't think this is quite practical yet for anyone but Vision users, but if the 10 KB/s average is right, you should be able to restore even a completely full treo 300 in under 30 minutes, and since it's unlimited data, it won't cost you any extra (unless the service catches on and I have to start charging for it to cover my space/bandwidth costs).

    Let me know your thoughts.
    David Whittaker
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    I use a service that does wireless network-based HotSyncs (to their servers), and which has a PC app that syncs their servers to your desktop. I've been using it for a loonnnngg time, and I don't think it's available to the generic consumer anymore. I'm grandfathered, since I've used it for going on 3 or so years now.
    They started out as a free sync service (yep, back in the days of free), and then started to charge once they saw the money starting to run out, and then shifted their focus to carriers, to be a wholesaler rather than a retailer. For example Sprint uses them for the sync function of the Voice Command voice dialing service.
    They've also set up some new stuff under the name of 'mightyphone' -

    I love it, since I can do exactly what you're talking about:
    When traveling, I fire up the wireless sync to their servers (it just syncs the 4 main conduits of Contacts, Date Book, Todo, and Memo), and I know that my data is up there in the clouds, safe, if my device bites the dust.
    The PC app also has auto-sync as an option, so while I'm gone, the PC runs its connection to the fOne servers, grabs my data from my last sync, and all is well.
    They now charge something like $9.95/month.

    Of course, one might ask, why not just do a network HotSync? Well, I've changed PCs a number of times, as well as Palms, and my data has remained constant and solid, for one thing. Another reason I like this is that I can also access the data on their servers from any PC, which is another safety aspect (basically, I have a total backup of all the stuff in my Palm, up in the network).
    Yes, yes, I know there are many varying services that can do all these things, but I've used this one for a long time -it works, and I dig it.
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    Yeah, I had seen a link to the fusionOne thing in a board somewhere, browsed all over there site, and couldn't figure out what they were talking about.... Now it all makes sense. And MightyPhone seems to be more for GSM phones than palm-based ones. It's looking more and more like I'm going to take this project up, if for no other reason than the technical challenge. The fun part is going to be getting enough people together at one time to test the simultaneous syncing... I guess I can sit my old QCP-6035 in the cradle and use my treo 300 wirelessly to test it.

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