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    After reading many irate, sarcastic and unhappy remarks about the Treo (most of which are constructive, but still...), I came to the conclusion that
    customers of technology-oriented products are never going to be satisfied.
    It could be a good thing; a fuel, if you will, that edges technology
    forward. But it can be annoying as heck.
    I predict that a month or two into its existence, the New Treo (due this
    fall), will be old and outdated. And folks will want more from their New
    Treo. Much more. As technology moves ahead our expectations grow exponentially, far exceeding technology’s ability to keep up. We want more and expect more, and when we get it, it’s still not enough.
    The Treo won great applause from the critics. It was called the best
    PDA/phone combo ever built. Other companies tried, and are still trying, to
    mimic it. But that’s not enough. We want it to do more, and faster and
    Perhaps the Rolling Stones, who sang: “You Can’t Always Get What You Want...” and “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction...” ought to be the spokesperson for HS, and technology at large, for “satisfaction” isn’t always guaranteed.
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    One thing people forget is that the Treo is on the bleeding edge of technology. This isn't a polished product like a TV that has been around for years and has 1 standard to adhere to.

    Certainly I think users should be concerned about quality issues as that is easily accounted for, but some of the usability things don't pop up no matter how much beta testing you do. Some users just think differently than others and will consequently try different methods of trying to accomplish a task. This may discover bugs which weren't found in beta.

    All in all the Treo is a good device IMO. Had Handspring used a titanium case I think they would've made a near perfect product.

    Just my $.02 or less
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    Originally posted by tarfin
    Just my $.02 or less
    Worth a million Thanks.
    I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.
    -Mark Twain
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    one thing is for sure, there will never be one product even CLOSE to perfect for everybody. how many posts have said this new phone or that one is THE one for them and they will be switching only to have 6 people on here post 'no keyboard, no deal'

    some want cameras, some want mp3. some want smaller form factor, others want screen on outside of unit with speaker in the back.

    i love my treo. quality is a bit of an issue for sure. but as far as i'm concerned, i fervently hope that the next one solves that issue and that besides making it stronger and better in the stuff they already have they just give us more of the same!(yes the screen could be better but that is evolution, not total redesign. yes they could use a faster processor... coudn't all computers? like saying your car could benefit from a few extra horses)
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    I'm going to kind of echo tarfin with a bit of a different spin. At first, all the Visor people had a list of gripes about the Treo (no springboard, internal battery). The point was that the Treo was not for them. The impassable problem with the Treo is what appears to be a complete disregard for quality. Sure, they'll send you a new one in 3-5 days if you’re old one breaks, but that shouldn't be a regular occurrence. The fact is that HS sacrificed quality in order to get the first viable smart phone on the market. While this may have seemed like a good idea, the two main targets cannot deal with shoddy construction. The two main targets for the Treo are early adopters (supergeeks like myself) and corporate users. Supergeeks can't handle bad tech because a toy isn't cool if it doesn't work. Corporate can't handle bad tech because it costs them $$$ through lost time and productivity. All I can say is that HS better hit a homerun on the next Treo or they won't be around very much longer.
    That's my 2 pesos!

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