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    I've wanted a Treo ever since they came out. I got a deal on Ebay and was happy as a politician in pork. Until I tried to activate it.

    Silly me, I figured it was just like a cel phone - call the provider and you're off. No sir. Not with this product. And definitely not in the Philly metro area.

    My current carrier, Cingular, can't be bothered to support Treos. I refer to them as the No Network because every time I ask them for something, the answer is NO.

    Sprint would be happy to accomodate me but oh, wait... no, sorry, they don't support the 180 - only their 300's.

    T-Mobile (Voicestream) says no problem (it came with a T-mobile brochure), go to this store (which didn't activate phones). 2nd store is very helpful, although they've never SEEN a Treo before.

    When I get home, I can't hit the net. Of course I can't, says Customer Service; they sold me the wrong plan. And no problem, I can have a generous TWO MEGS of xfer for 9.99 or 10M for 19.99. ------> That's odd - Sprint is unlimited.

    BEWARE, Philly Treo owners. If you go Sprint, buy their 300. If you get a 180, T-Mobile is your only choice, and you'll pay out the wazoo.

    Having said that, I love this little box. I hope the rest of my experiences are more positive.
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    treo 180 and 270 are gsm phones and therefore can't be used on sprint.

    cingular sells treos, so it is wierd that they wouldn't help. then again, the phone may be locked.

    yes, t-mobiles data plans suck compared to sprint.
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    Cingular on the West Coast is a GSM network. In fact, T-Mobile users roaming on the West Coast use the Cingular GSM network. However, Cingular on the East Coast is the old TDMA network, which is why they didn't know what you were talking about in Philly.
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    It's been really confusing since the unit came out because Handspring said Cingular supported it. When I called Cingular,they just said no. They continue to say no.

    I did activate the T-Mobile inet plan yesterday and did my first browsing. Odd to see the web on a tiny screen

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