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    has anyone tried it?
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    I tried it on my Treo 270 using both Blazer and Xiino. It works great and I think I can "actually use the Internet" now. There us a 30 day free sign up and then it is $9.99 for a year. Give it a try...
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    It sounds interesting, and since there's a free 30-day trial I might give it a chance. After the 30 days, if I chose to purchase it, the price is $9.99 a year.
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    Blazer uses a proxy server just like this service to render the pages for mobile use. What is this service doing that is better?
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    I am not a Skweezer user, but this is what I understand it does: Skweezer Home Page acts as a wireless web gateway, allowing all the pages you visit to be filtered through optimization technology. Once you start browsing the Web, the Viewbar will appear at the top and bottom of each page, allowing you to choose between PDA, Text-only and Standard Views. Web content is optimized for handheld devices. Images and text are intelligently "stacked" to reduce or eliminate side-to-side scrolling. You can view a web site without any graphics (I am not sure that Blazer can do that), which cuts surfing time substantially.
    Perhaps someone who did try Skweezer can write a short report on it here. The 30-day trial is appealing nevertheless.

    I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.
    -Mark Twain
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    I signed up for the 30-day trial, even though I dislike any service that just automatically starts billing me unless I specifically cancel.

    Since I use both Blazer and Xiino, I am doubtful that I will see much user for Skweezer. Xiino already intelligently stacks pages, although I think Skweezer better handles graphical tabs that go across the top of a page. However, even when selecting the full-screen view, Xiino automatically redraws to my Treo's screenwidth.

    Blazer should be well served by Skweezer, since it should allow you to switch your views and not re-render to the width. (I may be wrong about that. I haven't tested it yet.)

    BTW, you can turn off graphics in Blazer.

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    I signed up for the trial last night but was unable to get it working properly with the Treo 300. I emailed them this morning and received an almost instant response that they were having to make some adjustments to the system. I'll post my experience when they get it going again.
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    Started the trial this morning on a Treo 270 (GPRS T-Mobile). Easy to use, but very slow (much slower than Blazer) downloading/loading anything, including Skweezer interface tools and GUIs. Every page is topped (headed) with a Skweezer "Browse the Internet" slot and a "Google Search" slot, which takes up significant real estate. Many pages did not load at all, just blank. Nice looking, but it needs much more development.

    That said, they do get super-high scores for instant and detailed customer support!
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    Originally posted by elysian9

    That said, they do get super-high scores for instant and detailed customer support!
    I agree totally with this statement. The developers here get an "A" for their effort to communicate and be responsive to what their customers are experiencing. That alone made this site quite interesting for me. I found certain aspects that may appeal to Blazer users, such as the ability to bookmark sights, and somewhat improved performance.
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