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    Is anyone having trouble with the Treo keyboard? When I press a "black" key, the "blue" symbol appears on the screen, even though I definitely did not push the blue shift key. I sent it backto Handspring for repairs but they didn't fix it. Now they want me to send it again. It is impossible to speak with anyone in authority at their toll-free number. I did a soft re-set, a hard re-set and a system re-set but this did not solve the problem.
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    Have any hacks, graffiti or KB utilities installed? Disable them, reset and try again.
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    Thank you for responding. I have something called "Hackmaster" which I use for a few freeware programs. How do I disable it?
    I don't use Graffiti and do not know what the other thing you mentioned is. I sent the Treo off to Handspring again -- assuming that they can't fix it, I will definitely try your suggestions.
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    Could it be that one of your keys is actually sticking? In this case, I expect the blue (function) key.

    I know my 'S' key is sticking, and sssssssssssssssssometimes that happens... If it doesn't go away soon I will be returning it to Handspring.

    Try cleaning your keyboard and 'working' the keys a few times to see if the problem goes away.

    As with all 'intermittent faults' however, this problem may be tough to solve.
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    Tricky Sam,

    What hacks do you have installed? If you have KeyCapsHack, Treo KB Utils, or Double Quick hack, go to Hackmaster and uncheck them. Then reset and try again.
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    I am positive that the keys are not sticking. I'm not even going near the blue shift key. It's just that when I press a "black" key, the corresponding "blue" symbol appears.

    For example, if I type the word “food,” it comes out looking like “f##d.” This happens with all of the keys.

    I should get my Treo back from Handspring in a day or two and will try to remove Hackmaster, though I think that this problem started many weeks after I first installed Hackmaster.

    Good luck in solving your problem and thank you!
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    Originally posted by TrickySam

    For example, if I type the word “food,” it comes out looking like “f##d.” This happens with all of the keys.
    The fact that the letters f and d type correctly suggests that your 'Blue' key is not sticking.

    It sounds like you have KeyCapsHack installed. Make a test. Type 'food' but when you type the two 'oo' type one 'o', wait a second and then type the other. If both 'oo' appear, you have KeyCapsHack installed and enabled. If it is installed, it is actually functioning correctly (ie, you need to delay slightly when typing two of the same letter).

    If you don't want it, either delete the hack or inactivate it in HackMaster.

    If this is not the problem... I don't know.
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    Thank you for the advice about Hackmaster. I will definitely try typing slower (once I get the Treo back) and see if that solves the problem.

    Still, I am very angry to learn that Handspring is discontinuing the Treo 90 just a few months after it was introduced and their customer service is terrible. I bought the original Handspring Visor Deluxe in January 2000 which possibly makes me one of their very first customers. I also persuaded 4 other people to buy Visors. I guess I'll have to save my money and buy a Palm Pilot Tungsten T !!
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    There apparently are still a large number of 90s in warehouses, so it's still being sold and HS hasn't officially discontinued it. I've had the opposite experience and have had great customer service from HS. You might look at the Tungsten C, which has a Thumboard, 400Mhz Processor, Wi fi, and 56M of Ram. It's an amazing machine, but after trying it at CompUSA, I'm sticking with my 90 for the time being.
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    I got the 90 back from Handspring and -- ouf course -- they hadn't fixed the problem. However, using "jkevinwolfe's" suggestion, I disabled KeyCapsHack and the problem went away. (I can't even remember what freeware program I have that uses KeyCapsHack.) As "nzmoko" suggested, if I type slower, the problem also goes away!

    Many thanks to my fellow Treo users for your great ideas. Too bad that no one at Handspring could help me.

    I bought my Treo in January at Best Buy for $199 -- $100 less than the usual price. I was told this was because Best Buy was no longer going to be selling any Handpsring products.
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    Originally posted by TrickySam

    Many thanks to my fellow Treo users for your great ideas. Too bad that no one at Handspring could help me.
    Glad you got it sorted.

    On the subject of HS 'not helping' or 'not fixing the problem', I'm not sure why you think they should. Hacks are nothing to do with HS.

    When it comes to third party software problems, it's really down to the user to sort it out. It would be different if it was HS software.
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    Glad it worked. I've found that almost all the hacks for the Treo KB slow down my typing. I've dropped them all and just use CorrectHack, which acts like the built in treo text replacer, but is entirely set the by the user. So instead of typing my name email address, I can just type "em" followed by a space and my full email address appears. It's kind of an automatic version of shortcuts that doesn't seem to slow the system down.

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    Of course I never expected HS to fix third party software. But I do expect them to try to offer some solutions and to take care of a customer. I shouldn't have to use Visor Central to get technical advice for a Treo which is only 5 months old!

    I have no proof that they even looked at my Treo. It was returned (twice) in the shipping box with no paperwork accompanying it, no explanations, not even something which said "We couldn't find the problem you described." Nothing!

    I will try CorrectHack. Is it downloadable?

    Thank you again -- both of you -- for taking the time to help with my problem. Larry
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    Should be at Palmgear. If you get it through its home at, the author gets a few more cents. Demo is fully functional. Many who use it have developed their own abbreviations for words and phrases. It can really shorten your typing time.

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    Originally posted by TrickySam
    I shouldn't have to use Visor Central to get technical advice for a Treo which is only 5 months old!
    It's a pleasure Larry. Always glad to be of help.

    Yeah, I too must admit that HS Customer Service is not what it once was.

    And don't worry. I was asking all sorts of questions here just days after my Treo 180 arrived... it's a great resource

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