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    I don't know whether to be peeved at T-Mobile (which has already exhibited crappy customer service on a regular basis) or Handspring (which isn't exactly known for great customer relations either).

    My Treo 180 hotsync connector broke, rendering the device unusable (no ability to charge or sync). Called Handspring, and after getting the runaround for a little bit, I was told that they couldn't do anything, I had to call T-Mobile.

    Huh?! I bought my phone from, not directly from T-Mobile, although I am indeed a T-Mobile customer.

    Anyway, I called T-Mobile, and as is usually, the concept of a Treo seemed rather alien to the rep. Mercifully, he finally forwarded me to Tier 2 support, where someone agreed to get me a new unit.

    Could I just walk downtown to a tmo store and swap? No, that'd be too easy. They had to mail one to me. Slow USPS service, free, faster (2 day) UPS, $15. Since I had more than a week before I was scheduled to travel, I opted for the first option.

    A couple of days after I expected the shipment, I called, and learned, "Oh, sorry, it's on backorder." "Do you know when you're getting more in?" "Um, hmm... you'll need to call a different department for that." Answer in the end: 7-9 days. Argh!

    I called back this morning. My unit had shipped yesterday! But when I plugged in the tracking number, I found that they had sent the unit through a time machine, and to an incorrect location, too. I'm in California, and they sent the Treo to Seattle, Washington on January 11, 2003. Amazing! But not very satisfactory, as you can understand.

    Could they tell me what happened? "Um, sorry, I'm as baffled as you are, sir. I also show that the unit was sent to Seattle on... um... hmm... no, that can't be right. Well, I'd just suggest waiting another week."


    As freak luck would have it, I nonetheless got a new Treo in the mail this afternoon! Eagerly popped my SIM chip in, and got:

    -- Your phone cannot be used with this SIM card.


    I called T-Mobile back, and of course asked to speak directly to a Tier 2 specialist. No go. I had to talk with the first level drone for a few minutes before she was -- surprise! -- convinced that she couldn't help me.

    The Tier 2 guy apologized profusely, and agreed to send me out another Treo... to his / T-Mobile's credit, next day air. Too bad I'm leaving on travels tomorrow at 6:30am :-( Never fear, he offered, I could just go to one of the tmo stores downtown and pick up a loaner for free!

    I took public transit over to the nearest tmo store downtown (during peak traffic hours [sigh]), only to learn that the store -- and the only other tmo store in town -- were completely out of loaners. Charming.


    Anyway, what's the deal with the locked Treo? I can understand a general vendor like Amazon or Tiger Direct locking the Treo to a particular communications partner, but why would my Treo from T-Mobile not work with my T-Mobile SIM chip?!?

    And... I know, I'm grasping at straws here... can anyone think of ANY way to somehow kludge this thing to work? It's not like I'm trying to cheat anyone here. Argh! :|
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    Originally posted by ThatAdamGuy
    I took public transit over to the nearest tmo store downtown (during peak traffic hours [sigh]), only to learn that the store -- and the only other tmo store in town -- were completely out of loaners. Charming.
    That's why it's always a good idea to call any store before you go to pick something up to makesure they have what you want.
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    Yep, that would have been a good idea.
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    Just to follow up... T-Mobile sent me another Treo 180, which arrived on Monday. It works fine.

    Whew! I tell ya, you don't realize how naked ya feel without a cell phone until you're left without one. And to think I was late to the whole cell phone game, being cell phone free 'til 2000.

    Also, the absence of my Treo has brought to my mind the idea that perhaps I should get a simple 'backup' phone (e.g., an old Nokia from ebay) for those times when (not if) my Treo fails again.

    And if my Treo does fail out of warranty (as of this August), I don't forsee paying $150+ for a new one at that time, nor would I likely pay close to that amount to have my Treo repaired. I'd probably stick with a cheapo phone 'til the next generation of Treos came out, and then I'd likely be able to buy a 180 for REALLY cheap

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