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    The story on CNet says they are going to offer the same for their GPRS users in a few months.
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    Here's a link to the article on Cnet that riverbruce refers to.

    I'll consider it, but I am thinking about increasing my minutes and sticking with dial-up. In my experience, I haven't noticed any increase in speed, the only advantage I see is "always on".

    Can anybody help sway me to GPRS?
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    Always on and its twice as fast. Also, T-Mobile doesn't seem to account for its GPRS minutes in the same way as TrafficStat, so I always end up getting billed for less minutes than I use.
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    Originally posted by glennd
    Can anybody help sway me to GPRS?
    In my experience GPRS is much faster, especially when browsing. Also, Chatter (my favorite choice of IM and IMAP ("push") mail app) is phenomenon with GPRS. In addition, I predict that GPRS prices will come down across the board in the near future. 15 seconds are up
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