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    i have ordered the treo 300 and should be receiving soon. took advantage of both amazon and sprint rebates.

    quick question....does anyone listen to streaming music on the 300 through their blazer browser...

    if so, how does it sound

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    Never going to happen. Sorry. If the bandwidth were fast enough, the processor would still be slow, if the processor were fast enough, it still wouldn't be able to use the speaker. Sorry.
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    Ahem, well, I called my wife and had her set her phone next to the radio. The sound was pretty tinny...
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    Check out this thread on this topic...
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    i think the best we can hope for in a near-future model is expandable memory with a card you could fill up with mp3's or wma's and listen to with headphones. that is not far fetched...

    streaming would be nice, but i think its a couple of generations away in the 'always connected' sense. as it is, sprint has been cracking down on folks using the treo as a modem/ISP. imagine if everybody started tuning in to web radio all the time!!

    someday probably, but a few years off... nice bluetooth wireless with seamless coverage in cities...
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