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    Ok, summers coming and im a total beach bum ...How do i protect my treo if i bring it to the beach? any cases that will be best at keeping sand out? is it ok to leave it in the sun?

    last year i had one of those startac phones and i always just left it on my beach blanket, with no problems, but the treo im alittle more concerned about doing this with...

    im looking forward to instant messanging my working friends while im relaxing by the shore! haha
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    Good luck seeing anything on the screen in the bright sun.
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    That's for sure!
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    he just needs to get under the towel.

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    Ziploc Sandwich bag sandproofs and waterproofs it. The ultimate would be a crushproof, waterproof Otter case, but then you can't hear the phone ring anymore.
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    I have seen somewhere an advertisement for waterproof cases (for all types of cell phones and PDA). Google the subject
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