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    Wondering if any of you know if and how long HAND will continue producing 300s after new product release.

    What's their strategy? are they going to keep making new products in limited number until one catches on?

    How are Nokia and the other manufacturers doing communicators. Are they using a similar strategies? Testing the market?
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    according to their last conferance call, Handspring is anticipating that the old and new model will co-exist in the market for a while.
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    And if they have a bunch of communicators already made, they may be selling them for a while. Rumors started circulating 5 months ago that the Treo90 has been dsicontinued. HS won't say, but is still selling off what they have in the warehouse and apparently hasn't made anymore for a while.
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    All TREOs currently available have been discontinued where "discontinued" means "not being actively made". Based on the way HAND has been reporting their quarters, IMHO, they discontinued production quite some time ago and have no plans of starting it up again - the inventory of 270s and 300s they have are sufficient til the new product comes out - if ever.

    The TREO 90 and TREO 180 have been totally discontinued ("...favorable payment terms on our final sales of our TREO 90s and 180s...") and there is no inventory of either - Handspring management clearly said the inventory of 270s and 300s remained too high and was being sold down, in particular SPRINT is not buying any this quarter ("...we've determined, along with Sprint, that the right thing to do this quarter is to focus on sales-out rather than incremental sales-in...").

    See the financial docs by the CEO and CFO on Handspring's Investor Relations web pages.

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