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    Dear All,

    I use outlook web access to check email on the go. The OWA interface to exchange server is very heavy on java, so I guess it will not work with blazer or xiino - so far I can see my inbox but opening a message, which involves a popup window, doesn't work. In fact, I'm surprised - with xiino it's damn slow but technically it's working, though not very practical.

    I could use pop3 or imap client, the problem is that I have mail delivered to subfolders. Do you know of any program that checks imap subfolders for new mail?

    Thank you very much!


    bonus question: when I'm in a field, how do I jump to the next one with the keyboard, i.e. not using the stylus? the equivalent of tab on windows?
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    As you have found out, OWA doesn't work very well on the Palm platform. This helps a lot and gives you access to your folders.
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    I second OWA for PDA, I use it all the time...
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    SHift + up and down arrows will allow you to skip from field to field

    blue key + up and down will step left and right if there are characters in the field
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