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    Originally posted by Veloslave

    I cannot imagine going back to anything less than this I700, it just plain rocks!
    I really don't want to start a discussion about which is better, so I'm just going to make a statement and pose a (two part) question:
    To me, the I700 looks way too big and heavy to be used as a cell phone.
    How do you manage the heft? Are there times you wish you had a phone you could just drop into your pocket?
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    I am on my new treo right now! I had it replaced by T-Mobile. They sent me a brand new treo free of charge and it only took a few days. Even though the paperwork said it should not include a stylus or sim door, both were included. I resynced to the new device and all is well. I even got the new sim door and a T-Mobile logo stamped on the phone. Having a crisp new treo now should hold me until the next gens come out later this year.
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