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    Anybody here take advantage of's current 199$ deal for the Treo 300? I ordered mine last week, and while they said that it usually ships within 24 hours, mine is still yet to ship. Anyone having similar problems?

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    Amazon hasn't shipped mine as well, and it has been a good week since the last day of the estimated shipping date. If anyone can help us understand this situation it would be greatly appreciated.
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    Mine was ordered April 29... They say it should now be shipped by Friday. When was yours ordered?
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    My order was placed on April 8th. And, still the site states it has not yet been shipped.
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    Yikes! I thought I was impatient!

    The frustrating thing is that I didn't really see anywhere to contact Amazon directly to inquire what the deal is. Have you spoken with anyone there?

    Did they ever update your expected shipping date and delivery date, or do they still show April? Mine says it is expected to ship by May 9 and be delivered by the 12th.
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    FWIW, I ordered a Treo 180 from them last December. It shipped out within days, but the website said for weeks that it was waiting to ship. So it might very well be on the way.
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    Ordered mine april 9th, still waiting. ship date was april 24-may 2nd, so they've already missed that. Pretty hard to find a support #/email too!

    Anyone know of a better supplier? Best I've seen is OfficeMax in this weekends paper for $199, but it's not on their web site.

    Now I'm reconsidering since the sanyo 8100 is out, but the thought of a somewhat useable web/email device keeps me waiting for the treo!
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    Email is at these series of links on

    Help "at the top right of the home page"> Using Your Account > Reviewing & Changing Orders > Problem with an Order?

    After the Problem with an Order? link you will be sent to a page with an "email us" link at the bottom. That is where I went and amazon should respond within 24 hours. With my order that was placed on April 8th, they stated that there was system error and they were going to fix it. They also upped my shipping for free and the same day they said they were going to fix the problem they did and now the phone is being shipped today! Therefore, definitely send them an email and they should be able to fix the problem! I hope this helps anyone that was in my predicament.
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    I ordered mine on April 20th from Amazon, and got it about 5 days later. Maybe I was just lucky...
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    success! I sent the email from the link provided and I now have a fed ex package on the way. This is great! The first glitch I've ever had with Amazon though, hope it's not a trend. I'm sure the interface with telco's is pretty shaky though...

    thanks for the link!

    a soon to be new treo owner
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    Same thing happened to me last week, ordered a nokia 3650 that was stated to ship in 24 hours and finally had to send an email yesterday. Today got a reply with a 2nd day fed ex upgrade and an apology, something about a small number of order got cought in a glitch..?? Order shipped today so all is well
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    I printed the amazon web page showing the Treo 300 and the 2 rebates ($200 from Sprint, $150 from amazon) and took it to the Sprint store. They already had the $200 rebate in effect, but as an INSTANT rebate, and they matched the amazon rebate amount, also as an INSTANT I walked out of the store with a new Treo 300 for $150!!

    No forms to fill out, no receipts to copy, no rebate check to wait for!!

    Out the door for $ even better deal!!!

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    PalmDoc...good for you! I bought my Treo300 from Amazon last November and I'm still waiting for the second half of the rebate (lost paperwork, lost faxes, wrong amount, wrong phone, stop payment on first check). Today is five months to the day from when I first submitted my rebate paperwork!
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    So (PalmDoc and anyone else) does Sprint have a price matching policy then? or is it up to each store individually?

    B/c I asked them about it before and they said they don't. I didn't bring in the printouts (from Amazon or Office Max has 100 instant rebate now, too). He said he would give me the 200 off as an instant rebate and activation free b/c I had good credit but that was it. I can't really afford the 300 (plus tax) right now.

    Should I try to bargain more?
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    Try another Sprint store. The one I visited last fall would offer nothing more than the $50 Sprint rebate, but others on this board were reporting matching of the Amazon rebates at some Sprint stores.
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    My Sprint Store would not match the deal. I did order mine from Amazon April 9th and I got it on the 15th.

    When I originally placed the order I selected standard shipping and it showed an estimated ship date between April 20th and May 2nd. So, I paid to "up" the shippng priority on the 11th and it then shipped the same day. Obviously Amazon must prioritize on who pays the most, not who ordered first.

    So far I love mt treo. The only thing that could make it better is if snappermail did imap and I could buy a memory card sled.
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    Today was the last day of the Amazon rebate special, so I thought I'll take a lead from PalmDoc and try to buy two treo 300s direct from our local Sprint and see if they would match the Amazon rebate deal.

    After calling 2 without success, the 3rd Sprint store said YESSS!!! I was armed with the printed Amazon page and with my wife's company discount Sprint plan of 20% and no activation fee. We drove about 25 minutes away from the house to collect our new toys

    No papers to fill out, no charging $1000 on our credit card. We walked out of the store with 2 treos and only paid $350 (with accessories and sales tax)....

    Thanks PalmDoc for the tip, it was great advice.

    The phones are now charging... I did the sync of the phone/calendar entries... However, when I tried to connect to the web I'm getting 'No server' or something like that. I'll have to call them tomorrow and find out what's up!

    Treo Newbie
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    One thing I learned about ordering Treo's from Amazon is not to order any accessories!!!

    It took about 7 weeks for me to get my Treo 300 (ordered March 7 and arrived April 23!). I contacted several times while waiting for my order and each time they just kept saying the order is okay and being processed. Even when I asked when it was *really* going to ship, I still continued to get the go around. Then, they tell me that my order was one of few that was screwed up and that I should cancel my order and place a new one!!! I thought that was really bogus since I had already been waiting 6 weeks and didn't want to lose my place in the queue. Luckily, that same person gave me the phone number to's customer service and I talked them live. The fellow said, hmmm, that strange, we have LOTS of them in stock. Then he said the reason why it was being held is that they were waiting for the additional phone charger I had ordered, even though I had chosen to ship items as they became available. Argh. Anyhow, they shipped my Treo out that day, overnight priority express and waived my shipping fees. Would have been nice if someone had told me long before that that there was a problem with the order or what the delay was...

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