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    Am I just behind the times? My treo stopped connecting to the Rogers AT&T network last week (I'm in a suburb of Vancouver). I called Rogers and they had no idea but I insisted they send me a replacement SIM. After no luck with that I called Handspring and they said that Rogers was changing the frequency of its network and that the 1.1.2 upgrade was required. I downloaded the patch and am back on track.

    Before I lay in to Rogers, can someone tell me if I should have known about this change and how it was communicated?

    Thanks, Windy
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    Windy its not you, its Rogers who seems to be behind the times with regards to customer care issues. They feel they are not obliged to share such information with customers!!

    Basically, they have been implementing 850 MHz networks all over Onatrio and to my knowledge have not informed any of us here. I have heard similar reports from family friends from over there at Vancouver.

    Thats when Boards like this come in handy, to spread the word.

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    Well that's a relief but it's not the tune that Rogers is singing. I just got of the phone with them and they maintain that only one other person has had this problem. They gave me a month's credit but that hardly compensates the loss of service.

    So, if there are Rogers AT&T Treo users out there who were having problems making phone calls, I'd like to hear from them.


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