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    Hi - Palm has released a version 4.1 of the desktop software. Have any of you tried it yet with your Treo?
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    I installed it (I use a Treo300 on Sprint) - no big deal, since most of the new stuff that the app is for (photos, etc) don't apply to those with Treos. No problems, tho...
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    Is the UI any different? That would be a nice change.
    I'm running WIN2Kprof is it gonna screw up my usb hot sync manager if I install the new version?
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    Can't speak to the UI, since I don't really ever use the desktop app. No issues for my WIN2K USB sync - all the same, really. I'm sure that if we had OS5 devices with pictures and such, that it would make a big difference, but it's pretty much a yawn as it is.

    I'm going to leave it on, just cuz it's the newest version and I always like having the newest versions of apps installed....

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