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    Does anyone use Treo mail and AOL on their Treo? I installed AOL on my 300 and configured it to use the sprint network (using #777). However, every time I try and connect my system connects to the network, signs on and then the AOL s/w hangs and I have to reset my treo.

    Does anyone use both with no problems?

    Thanks in advance!
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    I use both without any issues but not on a treo 300. I wonder if you have something else that is conflicting or not set up properly.
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    A few more details for some-one that might be able to diagnose my trouble:
    1) Activate AOL
    2) Sign in
    3) Get a dialo saying "Connecting to AOL"
    4) Get a dialog saying "Signing On"
    5) Get a dialog saying "Established"

    So far so good, BUT now nothing happens and I eventually get a timeout error (0x1212) .....
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    AOL does not claim compatibility with Treos for its software presumably because they never tested the software on the platform.

    Version 3.0 of the IM and the Mail apps that cost circa $20US are ready for 3G connections and presumably would not get you into the prblems you are seeing with the #777 connection. I presume this is a 2G connection like in the old days. #777 is also not something that is tested or supported on Treo 300 so presumably you are doubly in hot water regarding stability.

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