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    Just wondering if anyone is using T-Mobile's T-Zones with their Treo. What plan do you have? How is the service?

    I have read conflicting reports about being able to use T-Zones with the Treo. Some say you have to get the internet plan instead.

    I would rather go with the T-Zones plan since it seems like more for the money. Would I be able to use it to check email, run PQA's and browse?

    Thanks in advance for any info.
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    Yeah there alot of conflicting stories on this dicussion board (some are rather dated though) on whether or not you can use Tzones. If you were able to that would be GPRS right? So, If you COULD use Tzones it would be pretty cheap for its purpose (10 megs for 10 bucks is pretty good). Personally I just use data services to go on internet. The WAP deck seems to be accessible through blazer when you get a connection (I went to Mobile Box Office and played Eternal Heroe [which, I think is exclusive to Tmobile and other service providers w/ rights to their WAP games]).

    Keep us posted if you are able to use Tzones. The argument before was that Tmobile didn't support Treo so they would outcast you once you called. However, they support the treo now (right?) so it MIGHT not be a problem.

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    Oh in regards to the PQA's and internet stuff being used w/ Tzones? I don't think the plan description specifically says, "internet" on it.. That might be the catch. It may just be WAP pages only. Again, keep us posted if you find anything new.

    Best Regards,
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    T-zones is basically useless for us Treo users. It's GPRS that is restricted to WAP site access only. Even though Blazer supports WAP sites, it does so in a non-standard way which does not work with T-zones.

    You would need T-mobile internet plan to do anything with the Treo (email, IM, web, etc).

    I just cancelled my internet plan. . . I didn't use it enough to justify the cost. I'll stick to dialup until the cost goes down. I considered T-Zones for a little bit but it's not worth the hassle to configure the Treo to work with it.
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    Thanks for the feedback. I wish T-Mobile would make it easier for us Treo owners and give us a plan like they do the sidekick.

    The wording on the T-Mobile website about T-Zones says that you can do email. It was to frustrating talking to customer service there to get a straight answer.

    I wonder is the Vagabond browser would work?

    Anyone else have experience w/ T-Zones?

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