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    I know that you Treo 300 folks can get your own extended warranty/insurance directly from Sprint. I could use a little advice on insurance for my Treo 270. I know that the factory warranty is 1 year, and that I used to be able to buy an extended warranty from Handspring for an additional year for about $40-50 which covered mechanical failure and 1 broken screen per year. This does not however cover loss/theft. My cellular provider Cingular offers insurance from LockLine for about $4 per month with a $50 deductible (includes mechanical coverage, loss & theft). Has anyone signed up for this policy, and has anyone had any experience with claims. Also, if I have bought my Treo from Handspring, can I purchase any of the in-store plans I have seen folks discuss here on TreoCentral (e.g. CircuitCity, BestBuy) after the fact?? Do any insurance plans cover upgrades/trades??
    Any advice would be appreciated.
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    Handspring used to have an extended warranty program for the Treo 270 for approx. $40 per year. This covered all normal wear and tear, except theft. However, Handspring has surprisingly discontinued this program for reasons unknown.
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    Since HS stopped offering extended warranties for the Tre 270, does anyone know of a safe and reliable warranty offered anywhere else?
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    when did they drop it? I was just goingto take it. Something smells
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    Their stopping it probably has to do with the fact that they are getting out of selling them directly. Service providers have their own warranty programs.
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    Itís puzzling that HS does not offer an extended warranty for the Treo because it is (usually) a boon for a company to do so. However: Why would a third-party company (other than HS) give you a warranty on an item it did not sell you and does not know its condition (assuming you bought your Treo directly from HS)? If there is such company it will charge you a lot for it. So, itís a leap of faith we take when we spend $500.00+ on a Treo.
    Still, I love my Treo
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    LockLine charges $4/month and has a $50 deductible per claim, plus a limit of 2 replacement phones per year. They insist on calling you live on the phone you are going to insure, to check and see if it is in fact working at the time they enroll you (hmm, one could of course swap your SIM into a friend's phone for the call...), and I believe that there is a 30 day period before claims can be processed. Still, for a $500 device, seems reasonable to me. Still would like to hear if anyone has any experience, or a better offer.
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    where do we get in touch with Lockline
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    I called Lockline this morning. They informed me that they do not insure Treo-270 or any other product manufactured by Handspring. Are there any other companies offering insurance or extended warranty for Treo-270?

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