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    Is there are tool to change Java JAR/JAD files into PRC files. I cannot figure out how to make the one at the SUN.COM site work. I am trying to run Java apps on the Treo 300. Java loaded ok.

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    I have the same problem. I can't get the JavaW program to look at the converter program. It kind of stinks because I wanted to try out java on my treo 180. If you find out how to use it or find an alternative method of getting a java program to the palm please, keep us posted.

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    You need to get MIDP for Palm and the wireless toolkit. I've done quite a bit of development for MIDP on Palm. There's a tool in the MIDP4Palm package called converter.bat that does the conversion. You can then load the .prc file like any other.

    There are even some cool "jdbc-lite" databases out there that let you code DB apps that look/feel like regular apps and not PDB type things!

    I can't wait for MIDP2.0 but I don't think Sun is going to make a Palm version for OS 3.5/4.1

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    Sounds cool, are there any good sites with information about MIDP?

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