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    I currently have a Handspring Treo 180 with Cingular. My SIM says "Pacific Bell" on it.

    I'm *guessing* that this is an older 5V SIM. Am I correct?

    I'm looking into purchasing a second phone to use (when I need a smaller phone) - I'm looking at a Siemens S55, which takes 3V SIMs. Will my Treo SIM work in the S55?

    If not, will Cingular give me a second SIM? I still want to use the Treo when I'm traveling. I don't want to use both phones at once..

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    The name and voltage are unrelated. I am not sure there is any way besides explicit markings to tell if the SIM is 5V. If it is older than about 3 years, it may be 5V.

    Cingular will charge you about $35 to update your SIM. I am not even sure if they offer a service to xfer your number to the new one. They probably do.

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