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    I opened my Treo to remedy a lose vibration motor but when I put it back together I was amazed at how much more solid the unit felt. It closed with a more confident "snap" and no longer creaks. If you aren't scared of fiddling with stuff, you might want to open your treo and do the same thing I did. Of course I'm not responsible for any damage. In my case, though, it worked like a charm.
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    It's all in your head dude!
    It's like changing the oil in your car and than giving it a car wash. It feels like the car is driving better than before the oil change!
    But I know what you mean....
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    I was given a broken Treo 180 from a friend... I was using it at the time for the flash ram article.. So I took it apart and all to get the chip numbers - i took aprt it all.. and when i put it back to gether all of a sudden it worked again - i had a free treo 180! I still use that as my treo today...

    So, yes your Treo can fix itself when you take it apart and put it back together ... not that i reccomend doing it.
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    I tried to take mine apart over the weekend to see if I could fix the annoying buzz I get from the headphone jack when using hands-free equipment. But I quickly aborted when I found it much more difficult to open than I thought it would be. I took out the 4 screws--one at each corner--and the two halves still seemed like they needed some serious prying to get them apart. Am I missing something? Is this normal, and should I just pry away?

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    You need to squeeze the sides. Search for "Treo Guts" on these boards for more info.

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