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    Since I had my Treo 270 I never did find a program that look up contact better and faster than the builtd-in phonebook.

    Even Iambic Agendus and Contact 4 (have a smart lookup but not in the contact list mode, like the Treo) to mention few of them.

    All the apps I've found only search for either name of lastname but never both and it is very annoying.

    exemple : To look for "John Doe" with the other apps I have to type "JO" and when I wan to look for Doe I have to switch to (lastname, firstname) lookup then typing "DO" will find "Doe"

    Does anyone agree with me ? or I'm not doing the right thing.
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    I presume you know that the built in search works on three or four possible combinations of first/second name.

    e.g. To look up "Peter Sellers" in your Contacts on a Treo

    pse (first letter of first name and then one or more letters of the second name)

    sel (one or more letters of the second name)

    pet (one or more letters of the the first name)

    Also if you have not filled out the first or second name, the built-in search looks up company names.

    I think TakePhone may have copied parts of this schema.
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    I've tried TakephOne and it search quite fast but when it finds the name you have to press another button to show the details of the contact (in case it has more than 1 number) then you have to press another button to dial.

    Which is not that convivial.

    On the other hand adding a new phone number with TakephOne is quite great and fast.

    Guess I'm gonna stick with the build in contact search which does a great job.
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    Back when I had a Samsung I-300, I was a big fan of FingerDial - it worked quite nicely, and I believe it's been modified to support dialing of the Treo as well.

    When I had my Treo 270, I really liked the built-in search capability.

    Now that I'm on a separate set of devices again (Clie with Bluetooth, SonyEriccson T68i with Bluetooth) I'm using Contacts Pro - which has a nice touch-screen interface, and can auto-dial using Bluetooth, IR, or some phones (not sure about the Treo).

    You should be able to find FingerDial or Contacts Pro over at

    Good luck!
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    Originally posted by Poryphyron
    e.g. To look up "Peter Sellers" in your Contacts on a Treo
    Love Peter Sellers! One of the funniest actors Iíve known. How did you come up with his name?
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