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    PalmGear has the new iPanel browser posted on their site. I was wondering what everyone's opinions are regarding this browser. The iPanel apparently is the browser incorporated into the Kyocera 7135 according to this discussion.. Here are some features:

    -Proxyless: enabling users to browse any web sites without the restriction and dependency of a proxy server.

    -Internet-Standard-Compliant: HTML 4.0, Java Script 1.4, SSL 3.0, Cookie, WAP(WML).

    -Graphics Support: JPEG, GIF, Animated GIF, display images in 16 bit (65,500) colors when this color depth is supported by the device.

    -Small Footprint:taking up only small amount of memory space and leaving the valuable memory resources for other applications, iPanel is the smallest full featured mobile web browser in the world.

    -Miniature Page Viewing:scaling down the full page to the small PDA screen for quick and intuitive locating and magnifying of specific page area.

    -Tri-mode Page Viewing: supporting viewing of pages in Actual mode (faithful table display), Wrapping mode and Miniature mode.

    -PDA-ready Content Display: automatically displaying PDA-ready page of an URL if available from the web site.

    -Smart Screen Recognition: recognizing screen size and pixel of devices for proportional wrapping of text and scaling of images.

    -Powerful Usability Functions: bookmarking, quick link editing, history recording.

    -Quick Buttons: enabling users to browser web with one hand.

    -Word Searching: locating the words easily on large pages.

    -Smart Image Map Display: an iPanel unique feature that displays a menu of links corresponding to the icons of an image banner.

    -Saving Content to Local Disk: saving the web page to a local file for users to edit and view using Memo Pad.

    Any thoughts?
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    I'm trying it now. It's nice. But it didn't save my preferences after the first session. It renders stuff nicely.
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    It does a good job of rendering pages. But it seems very slow, even without images. That's the reason I switched from Blazer to Xiino.
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    Wow! Another browser for the Treo. If I install it that will make five browsers on my machine! Life is good.
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    The claim that iPanel is the smallest doesn't fit when compared to Xiino, which takes up >100k less space on my Treo. It may be that the creators of iPanel don't consider Xiino a full browser because it uses a proxy.

    So far I like iPanel, although there are a few things that annoy me. One is that it uses the soft keyboard window to enter text into fields. This method doesn't autocap.

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    Very slow. And it takes 966k.
    It has a charming look though.
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    Originally posted by m00se
    Very slow. And it takes 966k.
    It has a charming look though.
    first time i saw a browser described as 'charming'
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    I don't find it all that slow.
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    For those of you not using PalmGear any more since the forced login..

    Why don't they have a download on their own server too. Seems handango is almost requiring a login too, but at least you can leave the email blank.
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    Tried it. Kinda slow. Tried 'em all matter of fact, and Blazer may have it's faults, but no browser, to me, is as intuitive on my Treo.
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    With some additional use, I've found the following "problems" that will likely cause me to delete iPanel from my Treo.

    1) It doesn't seem to save cookies. I have had to log into Treocentral each time I've accessed it. I wonder if this is due to the trial mode.

    2) The links to access the first unread post on Treocentral don't work, but tell me there's no such thread. (I'll try this using Xiino, just to be sure there's not a problem with vBulletin.)

    3) It's slow, even when moving back a page.

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    Originally posted by gmaugham

    2) The links to access the first unread post on Treocentral don't work, but tell me there's no such thread. (I'll try this using Xiino, just to be sure there's not a problem with vBulletin.)
    There were problems with the forums earlier today.
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    I have just used both Xiino and iPanel with When selecting the option to view the first new message, it works with Xiino, but I get the following with iPanel:

    vBulletin Message
    No thread specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the webmaster
    Interesting, no? I also have found that I get an error about CSS (CCS?) content when I use the non-mobile version of treocentral.

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    great idea....but VERY beta!
    installed and the first site I tried to hit I received a "fatal error" had to do a HARD RESET. I've had my Treo 7 months and this has never happened before. so after cussing out ipanel, I did a restore from back up, and gave it another chance. no more hard crashes but several "fatal error" messages and soft resets. I'm going to wait it out.
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    CSS content are stylesheets. They are used to define every bit of how a font looks, how the page looks. It is a standard that they don't appear to support. You can do some really cool stuff with CSS - and the basic stuff is in almsot every browser since IE 4? Do a google search to learn more.
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