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    Does anyone know of a software program for my Treo300 that will provide preset phrases that can be selected when sending out SMS messages? I searched through most of the threads and Palm software vendor sites and can't find anything. SprintPCS has a list of them on their SMS site, but I don't think they can't be downloaded to the Treo. If they can, there are no instructions on how to do it.
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    I dont believe there is any such software. SMS on CDMA networks is not as widely supported as SMS on GSM networks by other developers. If you use Treo300SMS application to add a send buton from there is no boilerplate button as there is on standard GSM Treos. You could ask PdaApps for this feature - you never know, they might just oblige.
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    Yes, I was thinking of the same thing, I would love to have some "canned" answers, like my wifes Motorala pager has, for when your busy. IE "will call later", "running late" "ok"' "yes", "no"', "in a meeting", "received, will call later""call me".........

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    Perhaps I'll email PDAapps?
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    why don't you just create some custom shortcuts under preferences?
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    You could try Pop! which provides a way to call up a list of words or phrases. I used a couple years ago and have not tried the most recent incarnation. Check it out on PalmGear at:

    Another product I tried and liked was TextPlus. This one predicts the words/phrases you are tuping and the dictionary is very customizable. You can check it out at:

    Both applications work with most if not all your applications.
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