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    Got off the train the other day and as I pulled out my Treo, it slipped from my hand and fell about 4' to the hard concrete with the flip open.

    My heart sunk as thoughts ran through my head about the damage. I picked it up to see what I had left only to discover that besides some scratches on the side, my Treo was in good shape.

    Damn it's a tough little bugger! Anyone else with "dropping" experiences?
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    I dropped mine about a month ago. It wasn't the first time I'd dropped it, and, until that time, no real damage. The last time I dropped it, it landed on the upper left-hand corner and cracked the screen. I called to place my insurance replacement request only to find that somewhere along the line, my insurance was no longer a part of my plan !!! The worst is that I spent another $500.00 to get a replacement that day as the crack in the screen caused spontaneous hang-ups when talking with my clients.

    If HS is having financial problems, it's not due to lack of support from me !!!

    I now have the insurance, and suggest that you get it as well if you don't have it already...
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    Mine fell on concrete several times now from different heights > 50cm.

    While the outside looks a bit worn now, it still works great.
    It's tougher than I thought. :-)

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    i've dropped my treo from a height of about 4 feet onto tiled flooring. other than a few scratches, the treo is in good condition. so far, i'm happy with how durable it is. it bounces much better than the two palm units i used to have. the times i dropped my palmpilotpro & my palm IIIx, the screens cracked & pieces of the case went flying in all directions.
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    I had mine go through it too. It happened everytime I move it out of the holster and just place it in my pocket. 3X I saw it skid from the concrete floor with the stylus flying off some more distance. I just felt cut in my heart as I watched it skid off the floor and then shooting the stylus some distance.

    The only damage is the backside has gotten off portion of the paint around a nearly 1 inch diameter.
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    I am a dropper too
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    I dropped my Treo 180 a few times, with no problems other than scratches. Then the last time it killed the digitizer (not the screen itself). Everything still worked (as far as I could tell), except that it didn't react to any screen interactions (just beeped). Since (with the standard Treo launcher) you can't launch any apps without clicking on the icon, I couldn't get into the Preferences app to try to recallibrate the digitizer. So I hotsync'ed it, then hard-reset it, and that way got into the recallib app. And that's where it still is today :-(

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    I've had my Treo for a little over a year. I've dropped it several times (at least once a month), including a disastrous tumble in San Francisco described here (I got another stylus, by the way).

    Still works. I'm impressed. On these boards, I read threads about people who have one, two, three replacements which developed problems. I figure that the people with the worst experiences are more likely to post here than those whose Treos are just hunky-dorey and keep plugging along. Still, I feel rather fortunate ... I really should have a broken Treo right now, given the number of times and degree to which I've abused it. But I don't, and for that I am really really really glad.
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    I've dropped mine more times than I can remember. Still works like a charm. These things are made tough.
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    I've dropped mine too a couple times and have no problems to report thankfully... However, I have the BB replacement plan and thus plan to make sure I "drop" it a little more forcefully when the new treo comes out later this year!
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    Didn't drop mine for a while ... :-)

    My previous unit was severly damaged by a direct hit from a metal bar while I slipped (misplaced the translucent cover part).

    >>>> I have replaced it in Singapore for 200K$ + they exchanged it from 180G into 180K.
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    I had same problem with Visor Deluxe - Used to to an approximate re-calibrate (or a missleading one in order to get to damaged parts of the screen)
    Then give it a Soft-Reset to get out of the calibration screen.

    See if that works for you.
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    I was jogging up the driveway with Treo in hand. A huge dog darts right in front of me and down I go face first. My Treo popped out of my hand, and my first thought was "Oh no my Treo" (how sick are we). Well to my surprise it only had a few scratches on the corner. As for me.........
  14. #14 mentioned that you now have insurance after you dropped your Treo. What kind do you have and how can I get it ??
    Thanks for your help.
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    i managed to repair the dead speakerphone by myself, but after my bicycle accident a couple of days ago, the treo screen cracked. so now i am looking for a new treo. i guess getting the screen replaced would be more expensive than getting a new one off ebay or something similar.
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    What kind of Treo? I bought a 180 off of Ebay for 132 + shipping ($15). The lowest I saw was won at $125. So, it may be cheaper getting a new Treo 180 than buying the screen (don't realy know how much the screens go for).

    Best Regards,
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    i haven't informed myself about screen replacement costs, but it is bound to be horrendous. i had a graffiti treo. if everything goes well, i will be getting a new one off ebay for 200 euros, that's the sort of price treos go for here. if you buy it new (and there's only one left in the whole of hamburg, germany) it would cost my 550 euros.
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    After just over a year of not allowing my Treo 270 hit the deck (I have managed a couple of shoe string catches), I dropped mine TWICE in under 30 minutes. The first time I was in a store and dropped it onto a tile floor. Landed flat on its back. No physical damage or functionality that I could see . Second time, I'm walking out of the store and I dropped it onto the asphalt. landed on the corner and cracked the screen. Upper left corner about 1 inch from both corners is dead and have a big black stripe down the middle.

    Are there any other non-warranty repair places other than Handspring? I'm out of warranty even the extended. Am I stuck with the $179 + $25 repair cost from Handspring? I've looked on eBay and couldn't see anything anyone was selling cheaper as a replacement.


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    did you buy the extended warranty from handspring?
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    Ouch! I dropped my Treo 180 at Fry's (of all places) earlier this year, and it broke the digitizer. Got a new one from TigerDirect.

    Is your cell phone contract up for renewal? You could take advantage of the low Amazon price with T-Mobile contract...

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