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    Has anyone come across a problem with the display (while playing games mostly) appears to be moving w/a blur?? It doesn't matter what kind of game is it (all my games are low res 160X160) that I play when standing still it's fine but when moving it moves w/a blur behind. This is driving me nuts I just got this on Tuesday and been having this problem ever since. I didn't contact their customer service yet I wanted to see if there's another solution before I do. Any help in this regard would be greatly appreciated.
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    Never heard of of. But just curious, what type of light are you under? There is a possibility that the high pulse rates of fluorescents could cause some goofy effects with moving objects on the screen. Try it under tungsten and fluorescents and see if the problem is the same.

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    If you go to the Palminfocenter and check out their review of the 90 you will see mention of the ghosting problem in it. I notice it on Zap 2016, I slight blur of the ship. It is something you'll have to put with when playing action games.
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    thank you both very much for your input. Just to let kevin know I understand that there is a difference bet. the Prism and the treo 90 if he takes a look a the game play from both PDA's he will see the difference. I know this doesn't happen to all games on the treo, but I didn't think it would happen to serveral that are not even 16 bit in color. Oh well I'll put w/it for the time being.

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