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    Looks like TCL will finally be releasing at least one device with Palm branding. I hope this turns out to be better than it is described in the article.ap_resize.jpeg

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    Strange. Is it meant to be the next Pixi/Veer? Is there a KB with that screen?
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    A 3.3” Android. I see no keyboard. Small battery. Oreo.
    Well, price it at $50 like one of those Amazon Blu phones and I’ll grab one for fun.
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    Derek Kessler's view:

    I think it may be being judged harshly as it's just a spec list and couple of pictures at the moment. It seems to be mid range spec with a small screen and (a very small) battery. It's possible that when the reviewers get their hands on it, they will have a pleasant surprise.

    That said, nothing interesting is standing out at this point. I guess it might be a neat and good value Android phone... or not.

    If TCL are using this model to relaunch the brand, then this model is the default flagship for now. If it's just a cheap slab, then we may see the Palm brand sinking again...

    Is it possible this big phone conglomerate that's making respectable Blackberrys sat down in a meeting and said, "Hey! Pixi, Veer: They were small! Once we dump the keyboard and this old OS, we'll have a hit on our hands!"
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    Well...I have basically one question: how do you screw up the PALM logo? - I really don't like it.
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    They may not really intending anything to do with PALM... maybe is IS really a PLAM...

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