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    I just got my new Treo 300 and I am trying to transfer all of my data from my Palm M505. It seems that the Treo cannot accept the data formatted for my 505 running a later Palm OS. Some of the stuff gets there but it is all munged. Is this a common problem? Is there a conversion utility to make the data compatible? Am I doing something wrong?

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    The standard apps should transfer fine. Most 3rd party apps should be a problem either. You might try getting Filez (freeware) from and beaming over the DB's directly from your 505.
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    Maybe that's my solution. I can just clean everything out and beam over the data from the four major apps and start fresh from there.

    Next question, how do I completely clear out the treo so that it is starting fresh. It is full of the munged data and the hard reset pin does not clear this out.

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    You need to hold the power button down until you see the Palm logo come up. If you release the button too soon, it just does a soft reset.

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    Probably easiest to start fresh with a hard reset. I think you hold the power button while sticking the pin in the reset hole. Let go of the button when the Palm logo appears. Press scroll up at the erase all data prompt. And make sure there's no data on the treo that you can't afford to lose.
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    I just heard back from Handspring. Seems my problem is that I have more records than the desktop PIM can handle. I'm not sure how this makes sense unless Sprint ships an earlier version of the Palm Desktop than I was using with the M505.

    Does anybody know of the Palm Desktop limitations are shared between all of the apps. For example, if your calendar has too many old appointments then do you have less room for addresses?

    Anybody know of a workaround for this? Does this even make sense?


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