I have a home phone plan that includes very cool voicemail features. The voicemail works just like any other voicemail. However, you can check your voicemail from the web, and set up really cool options through the web.

These options include having your voicemail send you an email, or a SMS message with new voicemails, telling you what number (if available) left the message. The Treo gives an option to return the call from your phone. You can even set up schedules to let the system know when to send the SMS messages....i.e. during working hours on weekdays only, etc.

You can even set up the system to find you at up to three different numbers if your phone isn't answered. It gives the 'please hold on while your party is located' message but allows the caller to hit a key to just leave a voicemail instead.

I konw that this isn't necessarily Treo specific. I thought some of you might be interested in this sort of thing. I don't use these options for different reasons, but still think they are pretty cool.

The service is free with MCI's neighborhood. (yeah, the one that gives unlimited local and long distance for one price). Beware that this service isn't economical unless you make lots of long distance calls, or have an expensive local service. I use well over 1000 long distance minutes per month, so it suits me perfectly.

So you know, my service is about 65$ per month all fees included. This includes unlimited calling anywhere, anytime, caller id, call waiting id, voicemail, call forwarding, three way calling, etc...etc..etc..

This isn't an advertising post, I just thought some of you might be interested...even though this isn't a Treo specific service, it certainly works well with it.