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    I am very close to purchasing a Treo 300 from Sprint. Will it be possible for me to retreive e-mail from my hotmail account?
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    This was discussed in this thread

    I access my hotmail from my treo 300 everyday. I also have it send me sms messages when I get a new email. It's great. Now if only I could get it sign me in automatically.

    Here's the URL:

    There may be some extra set up you have to do.

    I just checked another hotmail account (diff login and pass) and it worked fine.

    I have friends that check their hotmail on my phone when we're on the go. They have new respect for my "nerd-o" phone as they like to call it.
    Heh heh.

    Searching is cool. All the popular kids are doing it.
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    Yes, you can with the link above, I do it on color with Blazer (the built in web browser) and works well. only beef, is I can't stay logged in between sesions, but that is a very,very small price to pay for the great convinace of having it on your Treo. I have mine set to SMS me too, if I get a hotmail form someone on my "contact" list.

    What are you waiting for, run to Sprint and get the thing, you will wonder why you waited so long, I know I did.
    Enjoy, Matt Burkhard
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    Eudora will log on to Hotmail automatically.
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    Izymail lets you pick up HotMail, AOL and Yahoo as if it was POP3/SMTP account. I think it may have some IMAP features too. is still a great Blazer based option too for multiple non-standard email account retrieval.

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