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    Could our future Treo look like this? Quite possibly in shape but thankfully not in function.

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    Hm, it has a "Data Book" function ....

    Tee hee. Some graphic designer is kicking himself for not spell-checking before submitting the mockup.

    On another topic ... black and white? That's a bold move, given that the push has been to make more color devices and eliminate greyscale ones. Even for the low end of the market.

    Another talking point: it will use a proprietary network (ReFLEX). I dunno, it's optimized for data (so there's no voice), but wasn't Palm.Net a proprietary network, too, and didn't that recently kick the bucket?

    Sorry, today has been a cynical day. Really, I wish WebLink all the best of luck with their new product. I am going to stick my head in a bucket now.
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    Also, I'm curious: I wonder if it will use a backend Exchange server solution to push email directly to the handheld, or use some sort of desktop redirector like Treo Mail or SymmetryPro. If I had to guess, I'd say the latter, since the device seems targeted to "cheap" users, and the cost to install the backend RIM-style solution is prohibitive.

    But the original post was asking about the shape of the future Treo. I have managed to digress from that topic. Sorry.

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