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    I am getting my Treo 90 tomorrow, and I was wondering if you would be so kind as to volunteer what you think of as essential Treo software? What do you use for launcher, hacks, etc, etc?

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    Essential is relative, I suppose. Here's what I use --

    E-mail: Snapper
    Chat: Chatter, VeriChat
    Launcher: Launcher X
    Stock/Investing: Stock Manager
    Word document/processing/spelling: Word Smith
    Chess: Chess Tiger
    Weather and world info: World Mate

    Best suggestion is to do a quick search in here on the subject, including "hacks." There are MANY threads pertaining this issue. Good luck!
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    PowerJog - launch apps, run DA's etc all via JogDial.
    TreoTools - set your radio to turn off/on at specific times. Also enables radio after a reset.
    DA's - essential bits off software which allow you to launch mini-apps while still in another app (like looking up a phone number whithout leaving datebook). There are tons of DA's out there
    maxTEXT - alternative SMS app. Send SMS to groups.
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    OK, thanks for the tip, I will search on that.

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